started out of a passion, passion to serve startups along with small and medium-sized technology enterprises scale up.


Is founded with a view to streamline and automate the restaurant/hotel industry.


is a platform that will intuitively connect people with the people who can solve their needs/problems on the spot for a face to face interaction.


is AI enabled, Data Driven, Marketing Platform, providing web based solutions to corporates that enhance the opportunity to sponsor sports talent and leverage their Brand Value.


aims at making entire Parking experience cashless & paperless using RuPay-WePark card.


Deals in manufacturing and trading of notebooks and other stationery items. It is also working on a hyper local delivery platform specifically for stationery and office supplies. 


aims to ensure safety of children while on their way to and back from school. The venture deploys solution for school bus fleet for live monitoring and attendance of children at entry and exit of the school bus.