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ANDC Instart Foundation and Enterperneurship Lab,
Acharya Narendra Dev College Present "Learn How
to Sell Online" 21st February 2024.

Previous Events

Tripartite Agreement with JIMS, Kalkaji for Incubation.

4th August 2023 at JIMS Kalkaji

New Startups Inducted

New Startups Inducted

9th October 2023 at AIF

AIF conducted 4 Sensitization Sessions

AIF conducted 4 Sensitization Sessions

16th August 2023 at Conference Room,
Acharya Narendra Dev College

Sensitization Session at Bhagini Nivedita College, DU

Sensitization Session at Bhagini Nivedita College, DU

29th August 2023, Bhagini Nivedita College

Talk on Entrepreneurship by Prof. Mahapatra

Sensitization Session

Sensitization Session

Doing Business & Role of Incubator 21 June 2023, ANDC Incubator

Startup Success Series

Event on 13th Sep 2023

Expert Panel Discussion at Jamia Millia Islamia

14th Sep 2023

DSEU Directors and representatives visited AIF

22nd June 2023.


Foundation Programme at JIIMS,Kalkaji

30th june 2023


Participated in CNBC Digital India vision 8.0

18th August 2023


Meeting with Jamia Millia Islamia University for collaboration

15th Nov 2023


Participated in the B-Pan Competition - “Case Crack” at Udhmodya Foundation

21st Aug 2023


Participated in the “Innovation Cluster Summit” on 11th Oct 2023

organized by SIDBI at IIT-D

Participated in the “Startup Conclave Event” on 12th Oct 2023

organized by Education Dept. Gujarat Govt. at IITD

International Conference of Indian Network for Soil Contamination Research (INSCR ) Event

3rd,4th & 5th April 2024

E-Com Boost Event Pre-Launch of AIF Kart

21 Feb 2024