At ANDC inStart Foundation we understand that all start-ups need a strong vision since meaningful companies are always built on robust foundations. It is known that technologies, social networks, trends, all come and go, however we believe a company has to stay relevant regardless The incubator-accelerator, envisages increasing successful development of new businesses, job creation and employment in specific sectors that are aligned with unique areas of opportunity while involving all stakeholders of the society.

Existence of a vision allows one to set goals defining path to progress. For each goal, one needs to plan a strategy for achieving it and strategy influences tactics chosen. Setting a vision therefore is very important to let everyone know the direction to be pursued.

ANDC inStart Foundation identifies the following tenets as part of its vision bulwark:

  1. a) Contributing to the competitiveness of the local economy

  2. b) Job creation for the local populace

  3. c) Stimulating entrepreneurial spirit & promoting innovation

  4. d) Identifying exploring and developing regional competitiveness

  5. e) Enhancing links between universities, research institutions and the business community,

  6. f) Contributing to the growth and success of emerging technology businesses

ANDC inStart Foundation envisages building livelihoods in a sustainable manner through incubation of start-ups. Its primary objective includes promotion of skill development, education and R&D in India with a focus on technology for immediate use in Indian society.

We expect budding entrepreneurs and harbingers of social change to understand the current needs of India and assess the possibilities of collaboration, joint ventures or a gateway to enter the Indian market.



ANDC inStart Foundation,
ANDC College, Govindpuri, Kalkaji,
Nearest Metro Station Govindpuri on purple line of Delhi Metro
New Delhi - 110019.